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TeamWise: Second Act

There are many milestones in life. First day of college, graduation, marriage, first child, first grandchild, retirement, and many more. Second Act, group of Rice MBAs and their friends, came together to focus on life after retirement. They thought they found a huge market in the recently retired community, so they came up with the idea to match retirees looking for fulfilling opportunities with small to mid-tier companies looking for expertise. Unfortunately, after long thought and discussion, they have decided to not go forward with this idea.

Mary Feng, Akash Majumdar, and Austin Riddle are three Rice MBA students who met through taking classes together at the Jones Business School. They joined their friend, Jared Robbins, the original founder in this endeavor to make their idea a reality. However, Jared had to leave the business early on and they were left to figure it out. Dillon Butvin is a friend of another original founder, Zach Dobin, and thought this would be a good opportunity as Dillon was in a job transition at the moment.

Although the team will be going their separate ways, all four of them have enjoyed the experiences they have had so far. The love the energy, the people, creativity, and the learning involved in working in a startup. They also loved the autonomy and flexibility of the work where they can make their own schedule, responsibilities, and priorities. More specifically, a few of their favorite experiences at OwlSpark have been working with each other and other startup teams, going to the socials, and listening to the lectures. Second Act, as a team, really appreciated this chance to work with each other as they are all individually very talented and passionate people.

On a more personal point, each member of this team has various interests and hobbies. Akash is also a singer/songwriter and have started another startup before whereas Mary is a mother and a frequent wedding attendee. Austin coaches for the Rice University Track and Field team as he was the ex-captain of the team in his undergraduate years. Dillon likes to play and watch sports (favorite team being the New Orleans Pelicans) and play Settlers of Catan. He also has a few real estate properties he upkeeps which takes up a lot of his time.

Mary, Akash, and Austin will be going back to school for now and Dillon will be moving to New York for a job in the autonomous driving industry. Even though they will not be moving on with this idea specifically, the door for entrepreneurship is open for them and cannot wait to see what the future will bring to them.