OwlSpark | Rice University Startup Accelerator | TeamWise: Myze
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TeamWise: Myze

Did you know that healthcare labor management is managed entirely by hand using Excel spreadsheets? Talk about a lot of work! Here’s where Myze comes in: Nikita Rayani, the founder of Myze, is developing a software that automates labor costs and productivity management. It uses machine learning and analytics to determine staff numbers and other important daily decisions for appropriate staffing. Currently, it is targeting skilled nursing, freestanding ERs, urgent care centers, and community hospitals.

Working in cost management at the OakBend Medical Center, Nikita has experienced the difficulties of a fully manual system first hand. She spent a lot of her time understanding how and when the hospital was staffed. She witnessed burn out in managers as they tried to staff 24/7 when they only work a 9-5. That’s when she got the idea to build an automated system—her pain points and the pain points of her colleagues drove her to come up with Myze.

Building a startup is a unique experience. Nikita’s favorite part of entrepreneurship is having autonomy in her company and brand. In a traditional job, you go into work where the work is set out for you. However, launching her own company gives her the freedom to shape and grow the company to her vision. She loves that every day is a new learning experience. In fact, her favorite part about OwlSpark is the mentoring sessions where she gets to hear the good and the bad from the mentors. When things get rough in these mentoring sessions, she reminds herself that the mentors are just here to prepare her for the push back she will receive later.

Although Nikita spends a large amount of time building her startup, she also enjoys reading and traveling. Her favorite genre is fantasy fiction and she is planning a trip to Iceland after OwlSpark. Outside of her hobbies, she spends her time with her husband and their new 12-week old puppy.