OwlSpark | Rice University Startup Accelerator | TeamWise: MoodyCorium
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TeamWise: MoodyCorium

Achieving and maintaining great skin is something that all of us want—but how exactly do we get there? How do we know which products will provide our skin with the best results? To answer this question, Vidhi Vakharia came up with MoodyCorium.

MoodyCorium uses a device to scan the skin to diagnose the cause of various skin issues and categorize your skin. Based on the scanner results, a formulator filled with base ingredients mixes a solution personalized just for your skin. “Skin is still primarily about beauty and not health, and MoodyCorium is here to change that,” Vidhi says. “We want to base skin-care in science instead of vanity.”

Vidhi earned her degree in Computer Science from Rice University, and she now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and works for Adobe as a Software Development Engineer.

Her idea was inspired by her long-term personal struggles with problematic skin. “I remember going through product after product—everything from drug store products to the most expensive ones on the market.” Vidhi quickly realized how challenging it was to buy the correct products without knowing exactly what her skin needed. “It’s all just guesswork,” she said.

Through OwlSpark, Vidhi was able to find a niche market to target. It was OwlSpark’s push towards customer discovery that got her to spend time talking to people like her, allowing her to better understand her market.

One of her biggest challenges has been getting past the “lows”—those days in which she had no customer interviews or received less-than-positive feedback. As far as being a solo founder, Vidhi says she enjoys it but will be carefully scouting for another team member in the future.

When she’s not working on MoodyCorium, Vidhi enjoys yoga and teaches a class in a local San Jose park. She also enjoys going to museums to admire artwork and exhibits.