OwlSpark | Rice University Startup Accelerator | TeamWise: LilySpec
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TeamWise: LilySpec

For the women out there: have you ever felt anxious going to the gynecologist for your annual exam? Have you ever felt uncomfortable during the exam?

LilySpec is redesigning the vaginal speculum for improved patient comfort and visibility for OBGYNs. The current speculum is typically a metal or plastic duck-bill shaped device that expands the vaginal wall for visibility of the cervix. Many women report discomfort with the current speculum due to its metal material or the mechanics of the device. It also has not been redesigned in decades—talk about ancient!

Danny Peña met his co-founders through the Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship class at Rice University. In this course, instructors and students pitch ideas and the students form teams around an idea. Danny and his team worked diligently through the fall of 2018 on their project and later pitched LilySpec in the H. Albert Napier Rice Launch Challenge, where they were voted audience favorite.

Danny has been leading the charge at OwlSpark, and is taking full advantage of the resources made available to founders in the program. His favorite part of OwlSpark so far is the support he has received from mentors. He is looking forward to continued feedback this summer and being challenged on his business assumptions.

Outside of LilySpec, Danny likes to listen to podcasts. His favorite podcast is Joe Rogan, but he also enjoys listening to other startup-related podcasts. He is an avid reader, likes to work out, and spend time with his family and friends.