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TeamWise: Bloodhound

During minimally invasive surgeries, surgeons encounter a common obstacle in ruptured and bleeding blood vessels, which can often be very difficult to locate. Normally when this problem occurs, surgeons indiscriminately apply a general hemostatic agent to a large general area, wasting time and resources. If the bleeding becomes too severe, they often switch to open surgery, eliminating the benefits of minimally invasive surgery. To combat this issue, Genevieve Wahlert and Matthew De Venecia created Bloodhound, a technology used to locate and stop the flow of bleeding blood vessels.

Their technology consists of hardware that integrates with the video feed from surgical cameras, also known as laparoscopes. The video runs through Bloodhound’s image processing algorithm, which works to identify the presence and source of a bleed. Once detected, doctors can work to swiftly stop the bleeding at the source. Using her clinical and regulatory experience from two prior internships, Genevieve was able to get a macro view of what it means to bring a medical product to fruition. On the other hand, Matthew has worked a great deal with MATLAB code and enjoys the “nitty-gritty” of designing programs from scratch.

The idea was born when Matthew was observing a minimally invasive surgery at Texas Medical Center. The surgeon stopped, brought in other doctors for a second opinion, and decided to switch from minimally invasive surgery to open surgery, wasting a significant amount of time.

They are currently working on customer segmentation, talking to surgeons and hospitals to assess their struggles and needs accurately. They are also working towards drafting and securing a provisional patent on their technology. Though they have their work cut out for them on the technical side, their main challenge lies in getting in front of the right people. Their favorite part of OwlSpark is having mentors and other fellow entrepreneurs to bounce ideas around.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys running, watching Japanese animated shows, and reading Manga. He also plays the piano and the flute. Genevieve enjoys spending quality time with her 4 dogs at home in Arizona.