OwlSpark | Rice University Startup Accelerator | TeamWise: auggie
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TeamWise: auggie

auggie, created by three lifelong friends, is an app for performers and their fans that improves the experience of live event shopping. Their app targets performers of all live events and attendees who wish to support the performer through their merchandise. So for fans, this means no more lines and an endless supply—how awesome!

They have been working tirelessly for customer interviews attending multiple concerts in one night! #idealjob, am I right? They talked to artists, concert-goers, comedians, managers, and whoever else was willing to spend some time with them answering their questions. The most important part of these interviews for them was to remain casual. Because of the type of customers they were targeting, most interviews were more like a casual conversation.

Having known each other since they were four years old, it wasn’t a surprise that they had to go all the way back to freshman year of high school to explain where they got this idea from. The very beginning of their partnership was through a video game they loved to play called blackboard soccer (Who knew video games would come in handy one day?). When the company that owned this game shut down, Campbell and his friends joked about creating that game, but they didn’t have any coding experience.

Years passed and the game was forgotten. In college, Campbell’s roommate introduced him to the computer science major. After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin, Campbell convinced Drew to join him in recreating their childhood game. Drew, who was enrolled in a doctoral program at the University of Houston, dropped out and committed full time to creating and designing a game. They also roped in Connor who then brought up the idea of auggie.

We just want to do the best thing and that takes being wrong. We love being wrong.

Their favorite part about working on a startup is that they are constantly learning. They took the risk of leaving a platform they are comfortable with to learn a whole new one and they love that they have the freedom and ability to do that.

As their journey through OwlSpark Class 7 continues, they are looking forward to getting to a place where they feel like their work is validated, whether that is through their first customer or having an investor see the potential. As they strive towards that goal, they are excited for the rollercoaster ride OwlSpark has planned for them.

They are especially thankful for Kerri, Jessica, Haley, and Rice University for making such an amazing program like OwlSpark a possibility. They have learned so much just in the first week. As Drew put it, he learned “more in the first two days of OwlSpark than [he] did in all of his business minor classes combined.”