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TeamWise: Adren

Anyone with a severe food allergy is familiar with the EpiPen. Anyone who is related to or is close to someone with a severe allergy is also familiar with the EpiPen. They also know that EpiPens are clunky to carry around—they’re big and bulky, making it a hassle to store easily. Adren wants to change that. Founded by Justin Tang and Jacob Mattia, Adren is building a wearable compact epinephrine auto-injector so that patients can have easier storage and access to the lifesaving medication.

The idea was born from co-founder, Justin Tang, who suffers from a severe peanut allergy and also has a love for adventure that takes him all over the world. While packing for a trip to Cabo, Justin dropped his EpiPen. Later, during his trip, he unknowingly ate a dish that contained peanuts and immediately reached for his EpiPen only to realize he had dropped the only one. It was through this that the idea for Adren was born, and Justin knew he could do something to help himself and others avoid this situation.

Prior to joining OwlSpark, Justin and Jacob had zero exposure to business and were excited to delve into entrepreneurship. One of their favorite parts of OwlSpark is meeting like-minded people “doing lots of cool things in cool spaces.” As we are nearing the end of the summer, Adren is excited about the upcoming Bayou Startup Showcase and the opportunity to showcase their hard work over the past few months.

Jacob and Justin spend the majority of their free time working for Rice University’s Orientation Week (also known as O-Week). Jacob is a Student Director and Justin a Coordinator for Martel College. They enjoy playing video games, and Jacob’s favorite is Dungeons and Dragons. They also work out regularly. Justin’s choice of workout is weightlifting and Jacob’s is running.