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TeamWise: Müvve

Müvve wants to help people get fit and make sure they have fun doing it. Co-founders Julian Se and Avi Ravishankar are aiming to create an online community that connects runners and provides them with different resources. Having experienced the benefits of training with a partner, Julian and Avi are making it easier for others to partner up. In fact, the Society of Behavioral Studies determined that training with a partner leads to an 87% improvement in cardiovascular activity. Through personal experience and interview testimonials, they have also validated this theory themselves.

Julian and Avi both attended John Foster Dulles High School in Sugar Land, but never really became friends until after college. Julian ran track in high school, while Avi offered to do homework for girls in the hopes of scoring a date. Even though they ran in different circles in high school, the two later hit it off decided to run together. After starting a training regimen, they were able to push each other and improve significantly. Avi even reduced his marathon time from 5 hours to only 3 ½ hours.

When the duo joined OwlSpark to start their business, they wanted to connect runners with trainers to help people achieve their running goals. After receiving customer feedback, Julian and Avi realized that, more than anything, runners really wanted to be connected with each other. Moreover, they learned that simply creating exercise relationships was the best way to help people achieve their running goals.

We want your fitness to improve by finding someone else. Whether you are a competitive person or not, at some point in your life you might want to get better.

After doing extensive market research and immersing themselves in the Houston running community, Julian and Avi realized that millennial females were the most interested in the social aspect of running. Men are usually looking to get in the gym, get their workout in, and go home, whereas women are usually looking for a fun and social experience when they exercise. Even though targeting a female demographic may be a challenge for most men, Julian and Avi have been told by close family and friends that they are “very approachable” dudes. Avi also found that he was personally able to connect with significantly more women after shaving his mustache.

Though much of their market research is done out of the office, Julian and Avi have come to be some of the most entertaining founders at OwlSpark headquarters. Julian and Avi have been able to set themselves apart, both inside and outside the TMCx by their ability to build relationships with those around them. To them, the environment of the co-working space is their favorite part about the program—they love being able to throw crazy ideas around and get feedback from other founders working on their own startups. The Müvve co-founders thrive in this sort of social environment, and are sure to bring their energy to the Müvve community as well.

In addition to the co-working space, Julian and Avi say they’ve also benefited greatly from the Disciplined Entrepreneurship [DE] curriculum.

It encourages you to think on a smaller scale—everyone has a dream, everyone has a vision. DE really helps you focus on what’s the first thing you need to do to get there. Everyone wants an app with millions of users and lots of cool features, but what are the steps we need to get there?

Though their free time is scarce, Julian and Avi keep a unique and diverse set of hobbies outside the program. Julian loves to play guitar and cook (he recently purchased a sous vide, which he says has changed his life). He also knows how to play “Wonderwall” by Oasis, in case you were wondering. Conveniently for Julian, Avi’s favorite hobbies include eating and listening to music.

In continuing to build their strong co-founder/roommate/running partner relationship, Julian and Avi are really looking forward to the Bayou Startup Showcase, and are eager for the opportunities that may wait on the other side of the OwlSpark program. They know the day of BSS will be a fantastic opportunity for them to network and grow the Müvve community. If you are interested in joining the Müvvement or finding a running partner, plug in at www.muvve.com.