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TeamWise: LeaseALLY

LeaseALLY is aiming to level the playing field for landowners leasing their minerals to oil and gas companies. For these landowners, the leasing process can be quite confusing and can present an opportunity for powerful oil and gas companies to take advantage of them. Most are not aware whether they own the mineral rights to their land, let alone how much they may be worth. Founders Camille Nichols, Bijan Breland and Lisa Huang are changing that.

For landowners who have been offered a lease from an oil and gas company, we offer accurate market information that is more affordable and more reliable.

Camille, a six-year veteran in the oil and gas industry, and developers Lisa and Bijan, are creating a web-based service to inform landowners of the potential value they may be sitting on. Through Camille’s industry experience, she observed things that worked well, and things that did not work well, especially the way that private landowners are able to negotiate terms of their mineral lease. She saw an opportunity to create value for the landowner and decided to pursue her venture.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Camille has always been interested in the bigger picture and looking for ways to solve problems. As the manager of a developing branch of Cinco Energy, Camille learned what it took to spearhead a venture. Like Camille, Bijan also had familial motivation to begin his entrepreneurial journey. His dad has always encouraged him to pursue his own ventures and be his own boss so that he could be in control of his own success.

Ready to pursue her own ventures, Camille connected with Lisa through her ties to Rice, and Bijan through AngelList. LeaseALLY has thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to wear whatever they want to work. In fact, Bijan finds that it increases his productivity. They are all looking forward to the end of the program when they will be able to reflect and see all the progress they have made.

In their free time, Camille likes to go for long runs or bike rides, and Bijan likes to read and study finance. But we think Lisa summed it up quite eloquently, “OwlSpark is life.”

We think so, too (#startuplife)!