OwlSpark | Rice University Startup Accelerator | Review the Application
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Review the Application

OwlSpark Class 9: Startup Team Application

The application is divided into two sections: (1) the technology, and (2) the team. You should be prepared to provide detailed, concise answers to questions surrounding each of these topics. Because there is no option to save and finish later, startup teams are strongly encouraged to review the application questions below and prepare their answers before beginning the application.

Technology or Business Idea

  • What is the name of your startup team?
  • What does your startup do, provide, make or sell? Describe your technology or business idea.
  • What problem or need is your technology or business idea solving?
  • Who is your customer and/or end user? Describe them in terms of age, gender, geography, health status, industry, business type, etc.
  • How will your startup generate revenue? Describe your business model.
  • What is new or unique about your technology or business idea? Describe how it is different from what is currently on the market.
  • What other companies or solutions currently address the problem or need you are solving? Do you consider these companies or solutions to be competitors?
  • Include a link to your 60-second pitch video. Please provide a complete URL (i.e. “https://live-owlspark.pantheonsite.io/pitch_video”). (review Pitch Video Criteria)
  • Include a link to any websites, slide decks, demos, or other materials you feel would support your application. Please provide a complete URL (i.e. “https://live-owlspark.pantheonsite.io/slide_deck”).

Startup Team

  • Name and Contact Information
  • University Affiliation (if no affiliation, you must specify)
  • If you are a student or alumni, indicate graduation year (anticipated or completed). Other affiliates can skip this question.
  • Academic Discipline (if no affiliation, choose N/A)
  • Is this founder able to participate full-time during the program? If no, please list dates of outside commitments between May 20 and August 6, 2021, that may prevent this founder from attending and participating.
  • Briefly describe the skills and strengths this founder has to advance the innovation or business idea. Include one to two sentences describing the skillset and contribution that demonstrates a high level of ability.