OwlSpark | Rice University Startup Accelerator | Pitch Video Criteria
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Pitch Video Criteria

OwlSpark Class 9: Startup Team Application

As part of the application process, your startup team is required to submit a 60-second Pitch Video. Please upload the video to the web and provide a link to the video on your startup team’s application.

How do you get others excited about your idea?

Your purpose is to get others excited about your idea, not to educate them. You only have 1 minute to pitch, so every second counts. We suggest you allocate your time as follows:

Who are you? (5 – 10 seconds)

Start strong and help people remember your skill set (use a hook).

Example: My name is John and I’m a futurist and designer creating the next generation of drone videography tours in the real estate industry.

What is the problem? (10 – 20 seconds)

Describe the problem in simple terms that the audience can relate to. The audience needs to understand the problem, otherwise they cannot vote for you.

Example: Have you tried to buy or sell a house lately? All the websites and ads look the same. The real estate market presents homes in a boring, predictable way to potential buyers, despite the technology available today. This limits the seller’s chance of getting their home sold and potential buyers’ chances of truly experiencing a home’s real potential.

What is your solution? (10 – 20 seconds)

Make your solution plausible and logical. Add your secret sauce, i.e. your special skills set that shows you can make this work.

Example: I propose to develop a stylized packaged of videos and photos that buyers can use to showcase their homes, recorded and photographed by drones and put together by designers.

Who is your team? (5 – 10 seconds)

Why is your team the right team to execute your business idea?