image003Get involved as an OwlSpark Mentor.  We’re looking for serial entrepreneurs to set the tone for our company founders and accelerate their businesses to the next level.

Apply Now! Contact Kerri Smith for information.



Check out OwlSpark’s new coworking space at Willy’s Pub.  We’ll be building out our space soon. Think: Willy’s with a tech, startup vibe.



Founded and developed by a group of Rice Students with a passion for entrepreneurship, OwlSpark was created to ignite that same passion within the Rice community. We provide all of the resources necessary to launch companies and technologies that will help shape the Houston Business community and the world.

The Program

OwlSpark features a 90-day summer accelerator experience for teams made up members of the Rice University community, as well as local business leaders and innovators.  By providing initial seed investments, a unique and exciting coworking environment, a living stipend of $1,000 and relevant industry mentorship over the three months (including lead mentors, who will spend eight to ten hours per week with their respective companies, and general industry mentors, who are widely available to all companies for on-call advice), we give our portfolio companies all the resources they will need to succeed.

At the end of the 3-month summer program, OwlSpark will host a pitch day during which all of our companies will present their business models to Houston VC’s and Angel Investors. Keep visiting to find out exciting news regarding the 2014 event.

Core Values

Our seven declared values demonstrate our foundation for the accelerator program, its companies, and its affiliates.

  1. Real World Education: We support entrepreneurs through real world opportunities and experiences.
  2. Collaboration: We believe in open communication and interpersonal accountability.
  3. Risk-Tolerance: We embrace calculated risks.
  4. Lean Startup: We practice agile, customer-focused iteration to achieve measurable success.
  5. Community Engagement: We strive to improve and engage the entrepreneurship community within Rice University and the Houston community.
  6. Passion: We imbue passion in our companies, our people, and our university.
  7. Leadership: We empower the best people to establish and lead sustainable ventures.